Happy Seniors enjoying their stay with our AssistedSenior.com communities.

Dementia and Memory Care at AssistedSenior.com

Memory Care Neighborhood

Our private and secure neighborhood provides all our services and amenities with upgrades and special features to meet the individual needs of residents with memory challenges, including Alzheimer’s or dementia.

We focus on activities to enhance general health, personal relationships, and communication skills. We concentrate on familiar abilities to avoid frustration at not being able to accomplish an activity. We laugh, smile, and make eye contact. We give lots of positive encouragement. If a resident becomes anxious or upset, we take a break. Light exercise programs help residents maintain muscles and flexibility.

A member of our caring nursing staff helping an AssistedSenior.com community resident prepare a special meal

Memory Care Life Skill Stations

When you visit our Memory Care Neighborhood you’ll see specially designed areas that spark memories, interest, and interaction for our residents.

Life Skill Stations recreate familiar situations from the past — like a baby nursery, a garden, an office, or a hobby workbench. Our residents become socially engaged in these familiar situations, which can sustain their memories, as well as provide them with cognitive exercises and physical movement.

We have created a special environment where our residents are free to explore, touch, and choose their own activities. Our outdoor gardens, screened porch area, and the entire Memory Care Neighborhood provide a meaningful way for residents to engage in their surroundings.

Mother and daughter at one of our AssistedSenior.com communities enjoying some time together

Memory Care Activities

Each activity is designed to create a positive experience for our dementia residents. Participation in activities enhances feelings of self-worth, general health, personal relationships, and communication skills.

Light exercise can help maintain muscles and flexibility. An engaged resident will experience decreased pacing and restlessness, and reduced nervous tension. We concentrate on familiar abilities to avoid frustration or agitation at not being able to accomplish an activity.

Happy couple at an AssistedSenior.com community reviewing some of the many activity options
Our well-trained staff truly care about the residents at our AssistedSenior.com communities

Connecting corridors and garden paths allow residents to wander safely. The courtyard offers fresh air, sunshine, and a safe and secure place for outdoor activities.

We encourage family members to visit often, and to participate in activities and programs. We believe you are an important part of your loved one’s care team.